Top Ten Fun Online Games

Have you ever been trying to find old school runescape content but couldn’t seem to find any because the content is no longer available? Did you know that some players have re-written some of the older content for their mobile devices? This allows you to play the same game on your tablet or smart phone, yet have the same experience that players had years ago. Here is a rundown of all the best online games on mobile devices today: Click here for more information about Agen Bola 88.

Zombie Rollerz: This game is one of the best online browser games that can be played from both the iPhone and iPad. Zombie Rollerz is a fun flash game that is comparable to an old-school arcade game. You must guide the tiny zombie through a variety of maze-like rooms on a quest to save your little sister who has gone “down the drain.” Using touch screen controls, you rotate the zombie to go left or right, jump, attack, or use other tools to accomplish each task. The in-built physics system allows you to swing and smash the zombie to cause it to break into multiple pieces depending on which direction you hit it.

Another version of Zombie Rollerz, Zombie Resort, is slightly different. In this game you are in the care of a hotel staff who is watching over a variety of guests in the facility. You must guide your little zombie through a variety of rooms, fighting off the infected, and rescue the guests while protecting them from the zombies. These games are available for free on Google Play and it does work with certain versions of the iPhone.

Fire emblem heroes: In this game you are Dora, a cheerful fire girl who goes on adventures to save the world. She uses a fire breath that will ignite objects within a certain range. The longer you hold the breath, the higher the objects ignite and the more they burn. Dora can upgrade her weapons and arm movements, and there are exciting power ups as well. These are incredibly fun and easy to master and you should definitely have fun with this one.

Finally, let’s talk about the zombie game called Zombie Candy. You get to rescue the day, or rather, a candy store from a group of zombies. The objective is quite simple: get all the candy to the exit gate without letting any zombies in. Once all the candy is placed, the screen switches to a chalkboard where you make funny faces and draw. If you become tired, you simply eat some of the candy provided, and when you are done you move on to the next scene, and the cycle starts all over again.

If you love to play games that allow you to interact with others and really feel like you are part of a living community, you definitely need to try these popular games. You can go to any Google search and find tons of these fun online games. All you have to do is look for the ones that interest you should be able to find them fairly quickly. And best of all, they are free! So take a few minutes, check out some of the more popular games on the internet, and get out of your house and have some fun!

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