The Types Of Web Hosting Services

A web hosting services is a kind of Internet hosting service that enables organizations and people to create their own site accessible to the World Wide Web through an Internet connection. Such service also enables individuals to have their own web site without the difficulty of designing and developing it. A hosting company provides the hardware and other resources that are required for a person or an organization to launch a web site on the Internet. There are various kinds of web hosting companies that offer such services. They include shared, reseller, dedicated and virtual hosting services. The charges associated with the services offered by these companies vary according to the package chosen.

Web hosting packages offered by shared hosting providers are usually of low cost and include a few features like email account, file manager, blog posting, image galleries, one-click hosting, etc. This kind of web hosting plan enables the users to share a few web pages at no extra charge. However, users can only host their personal websites and e-commerce sites at free of cost. Paid hosting plans usually come with advanced features and allow more freedom to the user in terms of setting up databases, etc.

Reseller hosting plan enables hosts to add another domain name to their current account. It is mainly used by big organizations that want to host more than one website on the same server. They can host any kind of website they want and can earn money out of it. They can sell access to their private web space to other users or sell space to other companies who need hosting for their physical or virtual private segmentation.

Virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers are web hosting plans that enable web hosts to install their own software applications and websites on their own servers. These servers can be accessed by any authorized web masters on the web, but the performance and security of these web hosting plans are not guaranteed. VPS can be used to create an environment where multiple virtual servers can be installed in a single physical machine. They provide the best level of isolation and ensure superior performance.

A virtual private server is basically just a series of physical machines that act as a part of a bigger system. In a VPS the operating system, software applications, data and hardware resources are located on separate partitioned machines. Each machine is isolated and has complete independence from other machines. You can use this type of web hosting option if you are looking to implement high security measures for your site. Since the root of the virtual machines is based on a different domain name, every server has an identity. You can get more information about bd best hosting provider

The most preferred web hosting plans in the industry are the ones that allow unlimited access by the customers. This means that the customer can install and upload applications and websites on the servers and have them running without any kind of restrictions. The customer can install and utilize different kinds of web servers, make modifications and change the configurations as they like and still be able to enjoy a good level of isolation.

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