“Pros And Cons Of Artificial Grass”

In the western US, for example, you may be near one of several retail locations for Purchase Green, a manufacturer, distributor, and installation chain that makes high-quality, competitively priced options. Although Purchase Green is not exactly unique in many respects, it represents the type of place you may be dealing with if you go forward with a DIY or professional installation on an ample budget. SYNLawn Pet Platinum adds an antimicrobial coating and some enhanced permeability for better drainage, but it gives up some of the plush softness of SYNAugustine. There’s also a version engineered for roof applications, SYNLawn Roofdeck Platinum. But the nylon construction also means a lighter overall weight of just 88 ounces per square yard (in contrast to the 128-ounce SYNAugustine X47). Like many competing Graszoden kopen Roofdeck Platinum has a UV coating and reflective pigments designed to keep it cool during the summer months and to slow any fading over its useful lifetime.

You won’t be the only person who loves our turf in your household. Pets absolutely love our grass as it gives them a lush, durable place to roll around and play. Because our pet turf is built without thatch, it will look more realistic and have fewer odors from urine. But don’t worry, clean-up is as easy as hosing it off with our MaxxFlow 100% permeable leading drainage technology when it comes time for their business.

It is possible to use scissors as well, but a scalpel is our recommendation. In order to properly fit in artificial grass, it must first be spread and left to acclimate, and the final fitting in is done precisely to the contact material (wood, concrete, behaton …). Artificial grass covering the cafe or restaurant terraces and gardens can help you create the right environment for enjoying beautiful sunny period. The long durability of artificial grass will make its green colour remain vivid for an extended period of time. Artificial grass is durable, does not fade in the sun, is resistant to wear, and not slippery. Mark out the area across which you wish to lay the artificial grass.

There are also a variety of colours to choose from, ranging from vibrant green to more realistic and variable shades. Most high-quality turfs include some brown blades of grass for a more realistic look. The surface of artificial grass can become dangerously hot in direct sunlight, posing a significant burn risk, particularly to young children.

In 2012, we also introduced the drainage system PP23D that reduces environmental loads both during installation and in use. We are so confident in the quality and craftsmanship of our artificial grass products, we back them with the industry’s only Lifetime Product Warranty. If you are installing artificial turf on a wooden surface such as decking, you can easily fix your lawn by using glue or tape or by using nails. Before installing artificial grass on concrete or ceramics, clean the surface thoroughly to make sure that the surface is perfectly even and that all the impurities have been removed.

The use of artificial turf was later banned by FIFA, UEFA and by many domestic football associations, though, in recent years,[when? ] both governing bodies have expressed resurrected interest in the use of artificial surfaces in competition, provided that they are FIFA Recommended. UEFA has now been heavily involved in programs to test artificial turf, with tests made in several grounds meeting with FIFA approval. A team of UEFA, FIFA and German company Polytan conducted tests in the Stadion Salzburg Wals-Siezenheim in Salzburg, Austria which had matches played on it in UEFA Euro 2008. It is the second FIFA 2 Star approved artificial turf in a European domestic top flight, after Dutch club Heracles Almelo received the FIFA certificate in August 2005. In 2010, Estadio Omnilife with an artificial turf opened in Guadalajara to be the new home of Chivas, one of the most popular teams in Mexico.

This means that there may sometimes be differences between the documents you download and the versions that come with the product. Each package of RUNNEN floor decking covers an area of 0.81m² and contains 9 pieces. This is how to calculate the number of packages you will need.

Installation of artificial turf over hard surfaces (concrete, ceramics …) can be done in 1 day. This is one of the great benefits of artificial grass, therefore it is recommended for cafe gardens and outdoor restaurants. Depending on how thorough you need to be, you can brush your synthetic lawn with a broom or use a leaf blower to remove debris. Use weed killer to get rid of any unwanted vegetation, and apply a specialist artificial grass cleaner. Revamp the design of your garden using our extensive selection of artificial grass and turf. Find the inspiration to give your garden a whole new look or invest in some high quality astro turf.

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