Our Barndominium Life

If you have any construction experience, we have designed our package to enable you to ‘build’ it yourself. This does not mean you will be turning screws, but that you will be able to hire the sub-contractors to complete the various facets of construction. Using our line item budget you will know exactly who to hire and how much you can pay them to stay within your budget. Each of our plans includes approximately 20% contractor profit, so building yourself will result in approximately 20% savings on our estimated construction costs.

Worldwide Steel Buildings — will ship your kit anywhere and offer tips on building it yourself or working with a contractor. Without these in your pocket — and well-organized into a credible building schedule — you’ll never have a prayer of getting a loan to finance your barndo. There are nationally recognized kit builders who will ship you a pallet full of pre-cut and pre-configured segments that go together like the old Lincoln Logs used to (if you’re old enough to remember those). If all you want is a barndominium shell that you can finish out for yourself, that could be the cheapest way to go.

This choice provides a huge maintenance advantage, especially if you’re both living AND working in your barndominium year-round. The cost of the shell of steel buildings is where the barndominium cost is far more affordable than a stick-built home. Barndominium floor plans are complex to build if you don’t have experience of the large network needed to make sure the house meets building codes and recommendations. Hiring a professional provides a high level of security that your house will be built to the specs of the designer. Custom and standard floor plans are available through builders, but generally, barndos have wide interior open spaces.

When you’re ready to get started, our team of experts is here to answer any questions you have about our building systems. For now, if you’re brushing up on your metal building kit knowledge solo, we provide these helpful guides to help you get started. Rafter P Construction has an unmatched design-build process that our team has spent years perfecting.

Just about anything you could put in a traditional home, you can put in barndominiums. The advantage of a barndominium house plan is that the interior is open and free of the constraints of a traditional home. This gives you the option of secondary framing for other designated areas within your house. From a man cave / hobby shop, to business office, to a guest suite. Since 1999, Absolute Steel has been manufacturing and selling a wide range of steel frame buildings, including barndominiums. The building kit delivered to the job site, for DIY construction, is the core of our business, and is how 95% of our customers order their buildings.

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