Choosing Professional Pest Control Services

Pre-Construction Termite Services can include both standard termite treatments and specific termites bait applications. Usually a pre-construction termite treat will involve standard termites baiting treatments applied to the site before construction begins. Extensive termites baiting can be used to prevent small wood-destroying insects from developing into mature colonies that can cause significant damage to structures and houses. Some baits, however, have been proven to be more effective in certain areas or conditions. Before you choose any specific pre-treatment product, you should check with the local Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection to determine whether your area is safe for termites to inhabit. Click here for more information about termite control North Phoenix

The main advantage of termites baits over traditional insecticides is that they do not usually require the same upkeep as an active application. Bait can easily be discarded and replaced by the contractor upon completion of their job. You can also have your soil tested for toxicity to termites before you make a selection. This will allow you to select the most appropriate bait for the area where you live, so that you do not waste valuable resources applying it unnecessarily. In addition, most pre-construction termite services provide information about termites and other pests, so you can determine how to prevent damage in your area without the need for an additional termite control treatment.

In most cases, a bait service will treat your property for free, since the fee is only a portion of the cost of the project. You may also save money by avoiding a second annual maintenance visit to the pest control company. Many bait services also offer services for termites and their larvae in other states, such as Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New York. By consulting an expert, you can determine which pre-construction termite services are best for your situation.

If you’re looking for a professional termite baiting company, you should do your research online, by visiting the BBB website or contacting the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the company. When evaluating any potential termites baiting service, whether it’s a pest control company or another provider, you should make sure that they are licensed, insured, and humane. No matter what you use as bait, you should know exactly what type of insects you will be dealing with on the job. Baits available for pre-construction service vary and include wood, paper, plastic, metal, and other materials. There are different types of bait for various pest species. Some of the insects to avoid are ants, ground beetles, carpet beetles, silverfish, and spider mites.

If you’re considering hiring any of these services, the first thing you should do is identify the termites in your area, then call your local pest control provider. Many builders choose to contract with companies who offer pre-construction pest control, in order to ensure that their construction projects are completed safely and up to code. Whether you decide to utilize baiting methods, spot treatments, or trench treatments, when contractors use reputable and humane pest control methods, they are more likely to protect the people and property they work on, as well as prevent further damage from occurring.

Whether you opt for bora-care pre-treatments or choose a professional pheromone treatment, you should also be sure to ask your contractor whether they also use baits. Some companies simply utilize absorbent baits throughout the project, however it’s important that they also use baits at the beginning and end of the workday. Baiting is especially important for residential builders, as it allows them to more easily monitor the perimeter of the project to prevent termites from becoming established in your home. In addition, baiting is one of the most effective methods of preventing subterranean termites, which are often responsible for many building site fatalities. If your builder is hiring reputable professionals to provide pre-construction termite services, they will also be able to provide you with monthly or quarterly monitoring of the project, to ensure that no further damage is done by termites or any other pests.

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