This week on the show, Brian Springer from Launch to Legacy Consulting joins me to talk about taking a napkin idea and turning it into a business. Brian has some really awesome ideas and advice for you guys. Publishers use a variety of techniques to increase page views, such as dividing content across multiple pages, repurposing someone else’s content, using sensational titles, or publishing tabloid or sexual content. Pop-under ads and similar technologies are now advised against by online authorities such as Google, who state that they “”do not condone this practice””. Google Ads is a fantastic way to instantly increase the number of salesRead More →

Septic tanks work by separating floating matter, such as oil and grease, and solids from the wastewater that exits your home. As more matter enters, the capacity of the tank decreases, which is why it must be pumped regularly. To give your disposal a cleaning, place ice cubes, baking soda, and thin lemon slices down your sink drain without the water running, and then turn on the disposal. The ice cubes help dislodge stuck-on bits of food, and the baking soda and lemon help cleanse and deodorize. Some food debris can accumulate in the disposal and cause the sink to have an unpleasant odor, especiallyRead More →

A comparison of this ratio may indicate the extent of a company’s control over credit and collections. However, companies within the same industry may have different terms offered to customers, which must be considered. The waste company Viridor was formed originally in 1956 as Harrison Western Ltd, and later became Haul Waste Ltd. Harpers Environmental is operates in the Industrial Services and Waste Management Sector with a reputation for safe and effective solutions. CorNatural develops bio-based sustainable products to offer a range of natural products. Green’s specialises in the design and manufacture of economisers and waste heat recovery systems. There are more than 370 wasteRead More →