How long do turtles live? The lifespan of a turtle may vary greatly depending on many factors. The lifespan of a turtle depends mostly on the type of turtle, the diet it is fed and how much attention it gets. Turtles can live for decades or even a lifetime and can live up to a person’s entire lifespan if proper care and maintenance are given. Every fifth turtle in the wild globally is endangered and most eventually loses its life because of human activities near the ocean. A turtle needs a habitat that is completely controlled by you, either a large tank for breeding purposesRead More →

Are you searching for tips about ear mites in cats? These little critters, microscopic to the human eye, are very small and are often present only in dogs. If you see any of the following symptoms in your cat, your veterinarian is likely to be able to help you figure out what is causing it. Click here for more information about vaseline. In cats, ears are usually small and flat. Mites love to feed on the hair that covers their ears, which they will do even though the cat’s skin is fine and smooth. These little creatures can survive almost anywhere, including under your cat’sRead More →