Backyard Boxes – How to Design Your Garden With Them

Backyard boxes are a great way to express your creativity and your garden in a very practical way. You can find all kinds of uses for backyard boxes, not just storage of garden tools but also of plants and flowers. The beauty of creating something new from scratch is that you get to show off what you like best, your talents as a designer. If this inspires you, or if you have always wanted a wooden box garden, now is the time to go for it. Create something you will enjoy looking at for years to come. This box will keep everything neat and tidy, so it makes sense to pick something that matches the other elements of your garden.

If you are building a box from scratch, you will need to do some planning first. You may be surprised at the wide range of sizes and shapes available, so it is worth getting some measurements done first. Take into account the width, the height and the depth of the opening, as well as any surrounding bricks or pavers.

Once these are measured, you need to decide which material you want your box to be made out of. Most people go for brick because it is cheap and looks nice. If you want a real antique look, though, you should consider making your box out of lead or tin. Just remember that old is gold, and you can find a reclaimed tin and lead in thrift stores or estate sales.

Next, you will want to think about the best way to protect your new box. A good idea is to line it with shredded paper so that it does not get knocked over during the wind. If the box is going to stay outdoors, you should line it with tin foil so that moisture cannot get through. Placing newspaper under it will also help to keep pests away, since they need to get in the dirt to eat plants.

Before you buy anything else for your garden, though, see if there are any up-coming exhibitions near where you live. Not only will you find a lot of interesting things at these events, but many people will give you money just to talk to them. You can make a lot of friends at an exhibition, especially if you are polite and friendly.

Once you have decided on the material for your box, you should buy some pots that will go well with it. Some of the more common pots include plastic, cedar or clay, but you can also choose something else entirely. You can find a pot that is large or small and will fit into your garden perfectly. Just remember that a good pot will protect your plants from insects and rough surfaces, and it will also help to keep water away. It will also make it easier for you to clean up after your plants if you have a messy garden.

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