Are You Considering CBD For Dogs?

In recent years, cbd oil for dogs has been the cornerstone treatment for pets suffering from chronic ailments. Providing pain relief, to arthritis, anxiety, to epilepsy, and so much more. CBD lends a host of medical benefits for your pet and can vastly improve the overall quality of life and holistic health. This is why veterinarians have turned to this treatment as the first option when dealing with dogs in need of pain relief. But how is it different than just taking paracetamol for dogs?

Unlike what many people may think, CBD is not in fact derived from cannabis, as some might believe. It is actually a cousin to another substance known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The two ingredients are virtually identical, only that CBD is half the size of THC, which is where its potency is derived. Like THC, CBD also produces a very similar “high” feeling when taken but only lasts approximately five minutes on the dog’s body before it wears off. Unlike the two, full-spectrum oil only contains three major components: Terpinen-4-ol, cannabidiol, and trimethoprim/sulcon.

This oil is a great alternative for pet owners looking to treat their dog’s chronic illnesses and conditions. While it doesn’t cure the underlying condition, it does significantly improve the dog’s quality of life, by providing pain relief and other soothing effects. But since it has no toxicity levels, it’s perfectly safe to give your pet, even to children. If you’re not sure if it’s the right option for your dog, try searching online for information on the topic. You’ll find dozens of articles on the effectiveness of the substance, and the recommended dosage by veterinarians.

For high-quality results, we recommend purchasing CBD for dogs from a supplier that specializes in pharmaceutical grade products. Our preference is one manufactured by Homeopathic Pet Products, which ensures the highest dosing consistency. Not only do we recommend this brand, but many others have had excellent results as well. Not only is the dosing consistent but the product itself (not a dropper) comes in easy, convenient packages for every pet.

While we realize that many people use CBD for dogs in order to alleviate the symptoms of old age or other diseases, we urge you to proceed with caution. This substance is still very controversial in the medical community, due to the fact that it is not yet approved for human consumption. Even so, there are many anecdotal stories of dogs consuming hemp oil and experiencing improvements in mood, appetite, sleep, or general health. Regardless of whether or not this substance can actually work for your pet, it should be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

At the very least, if you decide to give your dog a CBD extract, we would suggest that you purchase an oil supplement that contains the complete blend of necessary nutrients and combine it with a regular supplement that contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, etc. We feel that this combination is most effective. In addition, we strongly recommend that you consult with a veterinarian to be sure that you do not administer any supplements to your dog that are not formulated for use in humans. CBD for dogs can be a powerful tool when used in combination with conventional treatment, but it is not a substitute for a regular prescription medication.

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