2022’s Best Small Business Insurance in Michigan”

Your profession largely determines the cost of Michigan business insurance. In most cases, businesses are rated based on the exposures unique to their industry. You will have the opportunity to review your options and determine the level of coverage you need during your free consultation with Mason-McBride. That’s why when it comes to general liability insurance for businesses, Mason-McBride can customize a package that protects against the risks that affect almost every industry. This coverage helps pay for medical bills and property damages if someone has an accident in a company car. For example, an employee of a Grand Rapids-based tree-trimming company falls from a ladder, breaks an ankle, and needs nine weeks to recover.

Coverage includes both mistakes on the part of your business and the failure to perform a service. For instance click on this link deckervillemich.org if you’re an accountant and your calculation error hurts your client financially and causes them to sue, you may be protected. Professional liability insurance should be considered if your business provides professional advice, offers a professional service, or has contractual requirements for the coverage.

When business gets complicated, your decision about health insurance shouldn’t be. $75M to provide grants to startups that can help our communities thrive. The plan would create the Small Business Support Network and Small Business Fund to support traditional commercial corridor/main street businesses and provide opportunities for new businesses. Whether you are looking for the perfect dental, vision, or health plan, eHealth has you covered. “I was unsure about choosing the right health plan for my business. eHealth explained all my options, honestly. eHealth gave me the assurance I needed to find the right health plan.” You can browse plans and read articles online or call and get personalized recommendations from one of our agents.

Businesses are typically rated on the exposures that are unique to their industry. For example, a roofing contractor can expect to pay more for coverage because their job is physical and requires working high off the ground. Michigan law requires most businesses with employees to carry workers’ comp. It helps pay for expenses related to employees becoming injured or ill while working for you. Michigan requires business vehicles to have sufficient automobile coverage in case of an accident. This means carrying minimum benefit amounts for bodily injury liability ($20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident) and property damage liability ($10,000 per accident).

It includes first-party and third-party protection for things like investigative services, data recovery, and legal costs. Businesses that store or manage customer data, like credit card information, typically need this coverage. A BOP combines property and liability coverage into one easy-to-manage policy. It’s a great option for small to medium-sized businesses that rent or own a commercial property such as a storefront, warehouse, or office building. The insurance products on (the “Site””) are underwritten by different carriers depending on the relevant line of business – see huckleberry.com/carriers.

At Thimble, the cost of your small business insurance depends on a variety of factors. The amount of risk involved in your business, the industry you’re in, and the amount of business you do all play a part in determining your policy premium. Commercial property insurance is often included as part of a Business Owners’ Insurance Policy, or BOP. Property Protection Insurance – PPI is a type of liability coverage that’s required in Michigan.

Small businesses can generally enroll during any time of the year. We will empower you with decision-making tools so that you decide what health plan is best for you. Personal Injury– libel, slander, copyright infringement, invasion of property or privacy, wrongful eviction, false arrest, and similar acts that cause damage to a person’s reputation or rights. Property Damage– damage caused by you or an employee to someone else’s property.

Protects you against third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage while your client is visiting. $125M to provide grants for businesses that did not qualify or apply for other incentives, like the federal Paycheck Protection Program. The MEDC launched 23 economic relief programs in March of last year to provide over $240M in vital economic support to small businesses across all 83 Michigan counties.

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