We’re laser-focused on delivering super quick insurance quotes with bottom dollar prices. We take a lot of pride in helping small business owners buy better business insurance with less headaches, and lower rates. We offer lower cost GL programs for over a hundred types of businesses in New York. New York businesses that provide professional services, such as consultation or accounting, should consider this coverage. Commercial Liability  New York liability insurance is not mandatory for businesses operating in New York. If you own property or other valuable assets you would be wise to invest in sufficient commercial general liability coverage for your business to limitRead More →

In addition to making the initial investment, you need to purchase cartridge refills. If you were to use it roughly three days a week, two hours each time, and an additional five hours on weekends, you’d need a new 40-hour cartridge every month. At roughly $20 per cartridge, these added costs are high, but not out of the range for effective spatial repellents. The butane-powered Thermacell models, which aren’t as convenient to use, work with 48-hour refill packs of butane and cartridges that usually cost around the same. The E55 is designed for mosquitoes, so you may not see a huge reduction in other flyingRead More →