15 Best Nursing Sports Bras for Moms in 2022

Sara Gaynes Levy is a writer and editor specializing in women’s interest stories, spanning health, wellness, fitness, food, fashion and more. She’s held staff positions at Glamour,SELF, and the Boston Herald,among others, and she has also written for the Wall Street Journal, Real Simple, O the Oprah Magazine, Peopleand many more. A graduate of Northwestern University, Sara lives in southern Connecticut with her husband, two daughters and German Shepherd/Basset Hound mix. Just make sure to watch for any sore spots on your breast between the underwire and the nipple area, advises Peterson, as that would be a sign underwire isn’t for you. Once you’ve got your size and priorities down, you’ll probably want to invest in three or four bras, so you can keep up with laundry .

In the world of seamless bras—which are among the most comfortable but least structured options—designs are so basic that women with larger busts suffer. The Cotton Candy has built-in features like a full back and knit panels in the shape of underwire, making this a supportive option for the entire size range of this bra—S to XL, spanning 32B to 42F. The spandex and Pima cotton nursing bra even features a tagless printed label and gold alloy strap adjusters for a dash of luxury.

This bra also has more rows of hooks on the band than any other bra we looked at, offering plenty of room for rib cage expansion . Our testers found that the bra’s overall fit was spot-on, with no gaping and no digging in. “”I have a few of these and I wear them everyday. Super affordable and sooo much more comfortable than anything with underwire.”” Try this bra available in a neutral hue if you like, or opt for a more unique option like jade green or midnight blue. Bravado also has a couple of color options that may work as “”nude”” for moms with darker skin tones, and some shades are available in sustainable fabric like recycled nylon and organic cotton.

Cotton Bra cups that enclose the sensitive tissues completely are the full coverage ones. Two key uses of this generous closure it that secures the busts in place Eliminates the discomfort of spillage. There is also an option of going in for a demi-cup bra depending on the bust shape and comfort level of each mother. It’s also comfy to continue wire-free during nursing, but if you feel you need more support there are plenty of options with wires.

The single-strap slings effectively hold straps in place, though notably they don’t provide any support for your breasts. Although we did a little research on nursing sports bras, we didn’t include them in this guide, which is focused on everyday nursing bras. And if it’s a pumping bra you’re looking for, head to our guideThe Best Pumping Bra. For the most part, you can expect to find a quality nursing bra at a moderate price. However, underwire nursing bras or those designed for larger cup sizes do tend to be more expensive. But if you shop wisely, you can find the best nursing bra in multi-packs which can help you to save money.

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